“Anyone who can be replaced by a machine deserves to be.”

 Dennis Gunton

Public Management

Public Administration Reform and its modernization tools
– Common Assessment Framework (CAF)
– Multi Annual Modernization Program (PMM)
– Modernization County Groups
– Administrative simplification
– ISO Standards – Quality Management
– Risk Registry – Risk Management

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting


Public Relations

Change Management

– Observing and analyzing organization
– Assessing team effectiveness

– Raising awareness for the need to change
– Development of new ways of working
– Finding and correcting patterns and defense mechanisms which reject change
– Developing ability to consciously choose new behavior

– Helping to focus on the “big picture”
– Providing pragmatic strategy for change
– Encouraging the commitment to change

Time Management

Conflict & Problem Resolution

Human Resources Management, Development and Audit 
– Assessment before hiring for better matching
– Corporate culture and team members
– Assessment for selection and development
– Improving organization’s ability to hire the best people in their field but also increasing retention of those people
– Evaluate external or internal candidates for key positions of organization
– Audit of Human Resources or / and Human Resources Department