Church Ltd.

Why do we need a physical, human representation for the “House of God”, no matter what the name is (of the Lord, the Supreme CEO)?

To feed, again, the human ego, the thirst of power, of hierarchy, of adulation. Mob bath drunkenness patented by star rocks or politicians is not unknown or undesirable to the clergy, no matter the religion.

The Church is another system, another mob manipulation machinery which is set in motion by a few “called in”. Called in by foreign things of spirituality, of tolerance, of inter assistance. Called in, as I said, by perfectly human feelings.

I believe in Something, why should my Something be represented by someone? If I am indeed so evolved that I believe in Something Spiritual and Energetically Superior, it’s clear that I don’t need also somebody to bring to my knowledge the faith “methodology”,  I don’t need procedures, rules or hierarchies.

But what if parents choose for me and later, when I have discernment, I strengthen their decision or I choose – from the religion market offer – something “accredited”, with user manuals and millions of other adepts? Am I still so evolved? Yes, if I can change the system. If instead of gathering money to use it for grandiose (concrete, worldly) headquarters, I gather money and invest it in elderly homes, orphanages, schools, training for entrepreneurship. Pragmatically fundraising for a concrete purpose still, worldly but with spiritual benefits (material benefits also, social unburdening not being neglectful) on long term.

The affiliation sentiment is natural and indispensable for the psychological health. For the Church though, it is food for rude manipulation. And the Church (whatever the name it has) fully exploits this feature, this human weakness, as well as it exploits the fear of the so called blasphemy accusations – in case you dare to criticize the “state in state” system.

Church Ltd. demands your soul on sales and than sticks its well covered in golden threaded church attire hand in your individual or institutional budget, all the way to the elbow, knowing, relying on the fact that you are ashamed to refuse or you are afraid to refuse or you care too much of other people’s opinion. Internal motivation is different for each of us.

Clergymen are excellent politicians. That is why, Church and Politics go hand in hand….to the elections, usually.

by Raluca Filip