Positive Energy

“Let’s think positive!” “Think positive and the Universe will work for you!” “Don’t be a negativist ‘cause you’ll attract more bad energies” “Surround yourself with positive energy and you’ll be successful!”

How many times have you heard one of these advices – in the last week, let’s say ?

Too many times, I reply – no matter what your answer is. And not because I’m not interested in your answer.

Self-motivation and “positive energizing” books are selling like hotcakes. I know it because I also contributed to statistics – by curiosity and it’s still enough.

My conclusion? For whom the placebo, homeopathy, hypnosis and religion it works, it works also the “positive energy”. Someone feels offended? Tough luck.

Give me a concrete solution to my absolutely concrete problem and most of the times painful problem (in many respects). If not, shut up. Save my time, neurons and their       in-between synapses. I don’t have time to chitchat, to talk much and pointless, I don’t want anybody to sympathise with me. I have to find concrete solutions to the respective problem and this requires a little time and concentration. Not some empathic sprawl.

My TIME is precious.

The same is the time of my clients.

Their experience with me as a consultant thus, passes first through the sincere filter of concrete. The only energy involved is my mental and phisical energy. True it is that this energy is positive but it’s not exterior to me, it’s not “descending” and it’s not asking the Universe to work for me. I’m the only one who works.

And this is not cheap.

by Raluca Filip