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Posted on Jan 6, 2014 in My Blog

Invisible Manager

Invisible Manager

Did you ever had a manager or director (if you are “employee” for 20 years now, the first word is not so clear for you, probably) who would be invisible?

Meaning to manage, to lead, to guide his/her team – in formal and non-formal ways – so good that you have the feeling that all things come together by themselves? To be so efficient and pro-active that the firm/institution seems to work by itself? Decisions seem to be already taken, everybody knows what to do – and helas – everybody does what it has to be done, even extra. Have you ever thought that you don’t need him/her (the manager), that things unfold and develop in a natural way? Wrong thinking.

A manager (woman or man) don’t has to breathe down your neck, to yell at everybody, to show how much of a boss he/she is. If he/she knows to surround himself/herself with the right people in order to occupy the right jobs for them, if he/she delegates, if he/she motivates, if he/she de-fuses tensions, it means that he/she knows very well what he/she has to do. And his/her projection – of where the firm/institution has to reach – will transpose in practice.

Once again, the key may be only to one person.

 There are efficient managers through different methods and there are invisible managers meaning uninvolved.

Some managers are invisibly efficient, being 100% involved, without feeling their physical presence at all times.

Learn from such a manger, if you have the luck to work with him/her. Some knowledge we get from school, most of it we get it from real life, in limit situations, in stressful conditions, in dissimilar working groups. The Invisible Manager is a rare species from whom it is worth “stealing the trade” – attention though – not also the job. Ethics has an important weight in management and invisible manager’s decisions are based on solid ethical principles.

by Raluca Filip Iasi