The own Public Relations department

Advantages of the own department of Public Relations

  1. The chief of Public Relations should have regular and direct access to the top management and this is obviously easier when everybody is in the same building;
  2. The staff is better trained to answer quickly to the press and to look for supplementary information in other departments, if necessary;
  3. The members of the staff have the chance to anticipate problems. These contacts are of great help particularly in planning and implementing the programmes of internal relations;
  4. The staff identifies themselves with the aims and objectives of the organization and has a personal interest in their success;
  5. If the size of the organization guarantees, the economy and efficiency may be increased by dividing it in separate subsections to be in charge with the relations with the media, with the public, exhibitions, publications etc.


  1. There is this tendency of underestimating the survey of those we are used to;
  2. The members of the staff may become the slaves of the same way of thinking and approaching to problems;
  3. The opportunity of assuring a better promotion and remuneration may be stopped by the manager’s wish to keep equality with other senior employees;
  4. There is this tendency to give strange responsibilities to the department of Public Relations.

  By Raluca Filip