Towards equilibrium!

“…to angle the balance towards an equilibrium.” Raise your hands those who can do such thing! Such thing…

I have quoted a minister who made an appearance last night at a news broadcast for the TVR channel. I didn’t record him, I don’t know his name (honestly, I doubt even his subordinates know his name), nor what minister he governs . The moderator used the word “minister”.

I was surprised by the complexity of the statement and by the high concentration of antagonistic terms in just a few words and in only a little break time of TV “zapping”. That returns me to an older rhetorical question of mine. How do you ignore something you can’t ignore?

Yes, I have expectations from at least a part of those that show up on TV (on one side and the other of the desk) to coherently express themselves, I like to interact with people that speak and write in a correct and civilized manner, I get annoyed when I interact with vain individuals that can’t speak nor write properly. Sometimes I decide to correct them straight-forward, sometimes I decide to stop interacting with the respective individuals. With no “closure” or explanations.

I’m not overreacting, although I have been told otherwise. I insist that I’m not. Why should I be ashamed that I have to deal with such an illiterate/uncivilized/rude (and, usually, incredibly bold because those attributes go very well hand-in-hand) men or women? I persistently believe that those individuals need to be brought down, otherwise we will die.

Of shame. Of the consequence of the shame of taking them down – public and private space invasion.

I make mistakes too BUT I always try not to repeat them. Or I use English terms to express some notions that are not reflecting quite the same thing in the Romanian language, I make some common errors, my posts are without diacritics although I like Diacritica very much (a smart woman from whom you can keep discovering new things, also good for revigorating your worn-out neuron).

Returning to my problem again. What do you do when you can’t correct nor “shut down”?

Watch how, in a minute of handling the remote control you can be assaulted unintentionally.

Yesterday’s example was, in fact, “soft” in comparison to others. It doesn’t stop me from marveling though – still – at the variety of televised specimens.

Yes, I know the suggestion “stop wasting time with the TV”. It’s childish.
But this topic will be approached in a future article.

By Raluca Filip