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Anti-regrets shield

I’m in search of an anti-regrets shield. I’m willing to pay the requested price, no futile negotiations. The fact I don’t have one and neither do I know how to make myself one, is getting in the way of my daily life.

I know what its components are, I know how it looks like because I keep seeing it on people around me, I also tried to build myself one, uselessly though.


  • a spherical energy field two meters in diameter (like an invisible bubble surrounding the subject)
  • during the first few seconds of every sunrise, you can see it naked eye, it looks like a soap bubble, only dirty and grey
  • once activated, you cannot deactivate it, so I’ve heard 

The person who has one, acts like this:

  • easily comes to decisions even if he/she doesn’t have all the information about the options involved
  • he/she doesn’t care that he/she may affect lives of other real persons
  • he/she considers that he/she owns the absolute truth, not only a point of view
  • in the (likely) event that he/she negatively affects the lives of real persons, he/she doesn’t give a shit
  • he/she has regrets, linked strictly to the self though, not to the suffering brought about to others
  • the lack of regrets towards own action’s consequences is real and not only apparent
  • the lack of empathy shows itself when the personal interest comes first
  • only the personal interest comes first

Yes, I would like to have and to use an anti-regrets shield, sometimes.

Could I, though, deactivate it when I want to? If I would only know how it works…

So, if you see an anti-regrets shield on sale (it can be an older model), if you have one extra or if you find one that is not active, please let me know.

I want to disassemble it, to see how it works, to understand its internal mechanisms.

A normal conscience capable of regret and remorse, the education, an empathy capacity and the tolerance spirit make us social beings. When you meet creatures who lack one of these attributes, you have the urge to behave like a mirror.

Do you like, thus, what you see in the mirror?

by Raluca Filip