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Towards equilibrium!

“…to angle the balance towards an equilibrium.” Raise your hands those who can do such thing! Such thing…

I have quoted a minister who made an appearance last night at a news broadcast for the TVR channel. I didn’t record him, I don’t know his name (honestly, I doubt even his subordinates know his name), nor what minister he governs . The moderator used the word “minister”.

I was surprised by the complexity of the statement and by the high concentration of antagonistic terms in just a few words and in only a little break time of TV “zapping”. That returns me to an older rhetorical question of mine. How do you ignore something you can’t ignore?

Yes, I have expectations from at least a part of those that show up on TV (on one side and the other of the desk) to coherently express themselves, I like to interact with people that speak and write in a correct and civilized manner, I get annoyed when I interact with vain individuals that can’t speak nor write properly. Sometimes I decide to correct them straight-forward, sometimes I decide to stop interacting with the respective individuals. With no “closure” or explanations.

I’m not overreacting, although I have been told otherwise. I insist that I’m not. Why should I be ashamed that I have to deal with such an illiterate/uncivilized/rude (and, usually, incredibly bold because those attributes go very well hand-in-hand) men or women? I persistently believe that those individuals need to be brought down, otherwise we will die.

Of shame. Of the consequence of the shame of taking them down – public and private space invasion.

I make mistakes too BUT I always try not to repeat them. Or I use English terms to express some notions that are not reflecting quite the same thing in the Romanian language, I make some common errors, my posts are without diacritics although I like Diacritica very much (a smart woman from whom you can keep discovering new things, also good for revigorating your worn-out neuron).

Returning to my problem again. What do you do when you can’t correct nor “shut down”?

Watch how, in a minute of handling the remote control you can be assaulted unintentionally.

Yesterday’s example was, in fact, “soft” in comparison to others. It doesn’t stop me from marveling though – still – at the variety of televised specimens.

Yes, I know the suggestion “stop wasting time with the TV”. It’s childish.
But this topic will be approached in a future article.

By Raluca Filip

Regionalization and summer season

Easter holidays have assaulted me with opinions and commentaries about regionalization – on news channels, but also with a video of a pony “on the wave” – on music channels.

Undoubtedly, it’s a very popular topic. Again. Regionalization, not the pony.

Not only does everybody own an opinion, but they even express it in a televised way, about the matter of regionalization.
I remembered that – annoyed by so many politicians, political instructors (politruk), analysts and specialists – that I had taken a test in 2004 at the YPS, about this topic. And in 2005 I transcribed my work in an official document presented to the administration of the institution where I worked at that time.

At the present time, my opinion on this very fresh and endlessly debate has acquired different colors. Insignificant in the light of this presentation. My question is why are so few competent people interrogated and involved in this process? People that have learned, that have experience, a history, studies, a base, a foundation…I’m already turning into Urania (TV presenter who uses synonims for almost every word, accentuating the meaning of it)

What I want to put my finger on, though, is that investing in people deserves to be encouraged, but also exploited.

And a true politician (by the book, not in the pejorative meaning, well deserved by many) should know this.

I’m signing  everything I declare, (on every page, it seems – the document is scanned because I haven’t found the electronic format)

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 By Raluca Filip