Event organizer

Impresario / agent activities

This part of our business is fun for you – having no trouble – and for us because we’re doing what we love.

Some examples of events organized, co-organized or powered by us:

  • Iasi International Film Festival IIFF 2009 (November)
  • Iasi International Film Festival IIFF 2010 (October)
  • AeroNautic Show Iasi 2013 (August)
  • AeroNautic Show Iasi 2014 (June)
  • Rebels with a cause 2014 (July)
  • The operation of connecting the Administration with the New Public. Code Name: THE Network (January – November 2015) A series of meetings (networking sessions) designed, planned and organized in order to connect professionals in Public Administration and specialists in fields such as Branding, PR, Copywriting, Advertising, Graphics, Social Media.
  • International Workshop on Managing Aviation Noise Impacts – Mapping Future Research Priorities 2015 (May)
  • AeroDrive Show Iasi 2015 (June)
  • Aero Drift Weekend 2016 (April)
  • Iasi in Space (January – May 2016)
  • Romanian Drift Championship – last stage, Iasi, October 1 – 2, 2016
  • Iasi catches wings (January – October 2016) Series of TV shows in which guests promote Iasi and projects for community development
  • “Aroneanu Television and Film Camp” (March – July 2018)
  • All the events of Enduro Ranch (nature and off-road adventure park in Iasi) & ENDURANCH Sports Club (2017 – 2020)
  • URF – Underground Rock Festival Iasi (2020, 2021 and loading…)

Other organized or facilitated events: