“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.”

  John le Carré


 Outsourced training, covering:

– Public Management
– Public Administration Reform and its modernization tools
– Strategic Planning & Goal setting
– Communications
– Public Relations

Soft Skills training
– Business etiquette
– Interpersonal communication skills
– Telephone & e-mail etiquette
– Listening skills
– Using questions
– Reading
– Body language
– Information gathering
– Cultural sensitivity

Train the Trainer sessions
Personal coaching programs and developing leadership skills for executive managers, business owners, community leaders, professionals and politicians. This covers :

Personal coaching program
    – Insight of strengths and developmental needs
    – Assessment & evaluation of skills and interests
    – Shaping individualized professional & personal career strategies
    – Enhancing competence, performance & image

Developing leadership skills

Creating powerful presentations
    – Organizing thoughts
    – Choosing the right tone
    – Being concise
    – Structuring paragraphs & sentences
    – Punctuation, grammar & spelling
    – Using body language
    – Softening a negative message

Media training
    – Camera techniques
    – Exercises with equipment and on the spot feedback
    – Interview techniques for print, radio, TV and on-line
    – Body language for public appearances, interviews and live TV
    – Using Public Relations best practice on specific context and avoiding traps

Coaching is available on a one to one basis. Confidentiality is the key in all my consulting activities and especially when it comes to coaching. Anything you say, anything we analyze together, will be treated with absolute confidence.

Group sessions are also an option for small organizations or groups. There is the possibility to tailor coaching sessions to specific needs.