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Connecting the Public Administration with the “New” Public. In Romania.


Networking Project Press Release

Connecting the Romanian Public Administration with the “New” Public
Operation Code Name: The Network

Iasi, 15th of April 2015

An independent consultant from Iasi is intending to connect professionals from two different domains, in appearance, specialists who could collaborate in the benefit of Romanians everywhere

The “Network” Project represents a series of meetings thought, planned and organized in order to link Romanian Public Administration professionals to Promoting specialists – from Branding, PR, Copywriting, Advertising, Graphics, Social Media areas. These meetings are scheduled by Raluca FILIP, Independent Management Consultant with over ten years of experience in the public domain, management and leadership specialist, with declared passion for PR ( ).

Up until now, two networking sessions were held.

Step 1: Get out of the Precipice, on 29th of January – and
Step 2: Crossing the Threshold, on 26th of March –

„The motivation of launching <<The Network Operation>> is the desire to feel in the real life the change that could bring the genuine communication between public institutions and their clients. I have decided to connect, in an organized framework, the professionals I meet in all my projects. The access is free of charge but not free, though. Let me detail this: the organizing costs of the network sessions are covered by me and my partners, there is no entry fee. Instead, the access is granted only by invitation addressed mainly to those working in the two areas.” declares Raluca FILIP

Among the Speakers who presented aspects of their professional activity, you can find Doru FRONEA, Coordinator of Control Body of European Funds Ministry, Raluca GAVRILESCU, Brand Stylist at Namogo Agency, Elena FARCA, Chief of International Relations Service at Iasi City Hall, Ciprian IONESCU, Creative Partner at September Media, Rares MACREA, Public Manager at Sibiu County Prefecture, Vali ŢUGUI, Creative Partner at IBS TV, Teodora JINGA, Director Directia Proiecte si Dezvoltare Durabila, Consiliul Judetean Iasi, Noni TROFIN, General Manager at Panovision, Lacramioara SIMIUC, Coordinator of PR Compartment at Iasi County Prefecture, Monica ANTOHE, Owner at Publicart, Doru CHIRICA, Managing Partner at Wink Public Multimedia.

The next event in the series, “Step 3: Connect to the Socket”, will be held in late May. The details will be established and published soon, with the presentation of Speakers who will come to Iasi to share to the public their professional experience in the “Star” domains of “The Network Operation” – Public Administration and Promoting, in all its forms of expression.

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