Regionalization and summer season

Easter holidays have assaulted me with opinions and commentaries about regionalization – on news channels, but also with a video of a pony “on the wave” – on music channels.

Undoubtedly, it’s a very popular topic. Again. Regionalization, not the pony.

Not only does everybody own an opinion, but they even express it in a televised way, about the matter of regionalization.
I remembered that – annoyed by so many politicians, political instructors (politruk), analysts and specialists – that I had taken a test in 2004 at the YPS, about this topic. And in 2005 I transcribed my work in an official document presented to the administration of the institution where I worked at that time.

At the present time, my opinion on this very fresh and endlessly debate has acquired different colors. Insignificant in the light of this presentation. My question is why are so few competent people interrogated and involved in this process? People that have learned, that have experience, a history, studies, a base, a foundation…I’m already turning into Urania (TV presenter who uses synonims for almost every word, accentuating the meaning of it)

What I want to put my finger on, though, is that investing in people deserves to be encouraged, but also exploited.

And a true politician (by the book, not in the pejorative meaning, well deserved by many) should know this.

I’m signing  everything I declare, (on every page, it seems – the document is scanned because I haven’t found the electronic format)

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 By Raluca Filip