« Prefect’s Law » and its environment

by Raluca Filip (2014 translation of 2005 article. Unfortunately, nothing is changed on the subject, meanwhile) Economic growth, balanced and stable social development represents major objectives of each community and thus these objectives have been permanently in focus of administrative organizations in most of the developed countries. For achieving the desideratum it is necessary to consider […]

Invisible Manager

Did you ever had a manager or director (if you are “employee” for 20 years now, the first word is not so clear for you, probably) who would be invisible? Meaning to manage, to lead, to guide his/her team – in formal and non-formal ways – so good that you have the feeling that all […]

Invisible Employee

Did you ever had a collaborator or subordinate (if you are “director” for 20 years now, the first word is not so clear for you, probably) who would be invisible? Meaning to accomplish his attributions– formal and non-formal ones– so good that you have the feeling that all things come together by themselves? To be […]

Confronting with journalists

When you have to confront with journalists, you shouldn’t use a different “language” from the one you usually do. You shouldn’t be false towards your own person. Be as natural as you can. It is important to have clear arguments in your mind before the “gang” from the press comes and it is also important […]

What does it mean to be Public Manager

A topical-interest article regarding public institutions activity, published in 2006 in Local Public Administration Romanian Magazine. And a habit of mine that became already a reflex even if I am not by name a public manager anymore: to observe flaws of a system and to oppose to conformation. As natural and human is the change […]

The spokesman’s booklet

It is first useful to the institution’s spokesman / representative / president / director, but also to anybody who is in the situation of representing the institution in a certain moment. It may comprise various pieces of advice, like: Plan the interviews, never try to bluff. Answer politely to naïve questions. If the interviewer asks […]

The crisis plan

Public Relations represent the responsibility of those who take decisions. Only if top management appreciates correctly the importance of this activity, it can bring a maximum contribution to its efficiency. Sir John Harvey-Jones declared that the main activities that a president or director should deal with are strategic planning and Public Relations. He should personally […]

Handbook of Public Relations

Producing a handbook of Public Relations for the organization is one of the most efficient methods of increasing the quality and consistency of the organization’s communication. There is certainly a handbook of financial operations that is probably treated with a degree of respect by the managers centered on profit. There should be the same status […]

The code of behaviour

There should be some simple rules for the employees of Public Relations departments to respect, and why not, any clerk who comes into direct contact with the citizens: Answer to the greeting of the person who enters the room – in case you don’t see that person first to welcome her. Be kind and show […]

Public Relations for Public Relations

“Public Relations for Public Relations”  Top-management must be aware of and educated in connection with Public Relations, that’s why there are necessary: courses of relations with the media at business and administration schools (future managers are aware of the communication credibility); education of the business community; founding professional associations from Public Relations. Training in communication […]