There are potential areas of cooperation and conflict between these fields:

  • Structural reorganization. The Department of Human Resources has an evident role regarding the contracts and duties, when fusion, dismissing, acquisitions and reorganizations are made. The communication aspects of these matters, including how to communicate with the employees and the external stakeholders, should normally imply the Public Relations survey.
  • Internal communication. The control of the communication with the employees and the division between what is by right communicated by Human Resources and Public Relations are areas for possible debates.
  • Relations with community. This may imply the communication with the employees who are in the local community and also with the potential employees and again it requires a careful distribution of the responsibility for communication.

It is important that each field should mutually recognize the survey and the contribution they have. I also think that in the departments of Human Resources there should be at least one person with knowledge (not necessarily a specialist, because I am aware of the costs it implies) of Public Relations. It is vital to have a constant, honest and on both own will dialogue in order to serve in the best way the interests of the organization.

 By Raluca Filip