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Posted on Nov 12, 2013 in My Blog

Public Relations for Public Relations

Public Relations for Public Relations

“Public Relations for Public Relations”

 Top-management must be aware of and educated in connection with Public Relations, that’s why there are necessary:

  • courses of relations with the media at business and administration schools (future managers are aware of the communication credibility);
  • education of the business community;
  • founding professional associations from Public Relations.

Training in communication

Some institutions offer a “media training” to the executive managers and advisers. This one can be bought from the shelf or it can be adapted to the needs of a certain local authority. It consists, in fact, in offering to the members of the staff some practical experience in interviews, presentations etc. Among them some are reserved and others are enthusiastic. The retort often met, at the suggestion of training in communication, is: “we already know how to communicate!”. But there are many kinds of training:

  • seminars of awareness;
  • simulations of opportunities for communication – interviews, reinforcing trust etc.;
  • feedback on hidden or “implicit” communication;
  • “training” to speak in front of the public and for presentations, short answers, distinctive style, easy language;
  • a contact with journalists and editors for a mutual agreement.

Who is the training in communication for? Priority should have those who have to do with the public regularly and those who formally represent the authority – but the others must also be determined to become aware of the fact they also have to communicate.

 By Raluca Filip Iasi